In Memory and Honor of Andraez - A special Seven Year Old Boy with a Grand Vision

What if you discovered a Secret that could give your child life long Advantages in Every area of their life? 

What if you could effortlessly increase their Self Worth, Confidence, Courage, Motivation, Discipline, GPA’s, Enthusiasm, Love, Kindness, and True Happiness,  ALL with just the touch of a button?

"I want to be a Master Healer,
I want to help Save the Earth,
I want help Children around the World

And so it shall be.  Love, Dad  

Andraez Story


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The Secret to the Unlimited Child

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Neale Donald Walsch, Best Selling Author,
Conversations with God” writes:

"This is a powerful way to empower children through beautifully orchestrated music with built-in reminders of Who They Really Are. What a gift for the Emerging Spirit of Children!"


James Twyman, Best Selling Author,
"The Moses Code"
and creator of the movies
Indigo Evolution &
Indigo writes

"I highly recommend The Secret to the Unlimited Child CD series. The power of positive affirmations accompanied by relaxing 60-beat-per-minute music makes a great setting to help children expand their awareness, learn, remain open and increase their self-esteem."


Dr. Jim Moore, PhD, School Psychologist
of 45 years writes

“Possibly the most effective children’s empowerment program of all time!”

"This program will help children in all areas of life as it promotes the development of values, attitudes and beliefs, giving them a strong head start in the world.

They will be more motivated to attend school and apply themselves to mastery of the curriculum to improve their Success. Other milestones will be more likely to occur because of the motivational effects on self esteem.

Crime among the juvenile population will more likely be diminished or completely removed from the lives of children who listen to this Program and develop these key values, attitudes, and beliefs.

One should consider this program as an investment in the future of their children and their success in a competitive world."

Dear Friend, Parent or Grandparent,

We all want the very best for our children, right?  Do you wish for your child to have an extraordinary life, full of Joy, Success and a Fulfillment that is far beyond the average? Of Course !!!

Giving your child life-long advantages in ALL areas of their life brings a sense of hope and relief, especially in today's high paced,competitive world. They need and deserve every edge they can get! We parents with our busy lives can always use a helping hand, and here it is, like no other.

Law of Nature #1: We become what we surround ourselves with. The Secret to the Unlimited Child is unmatched by any program today in surrounding your child with maximized positive reinforcement! 

As a bonus effect, this program also gives your child a mental Suit of Armor and Shield to help fend off the world's many negative influences which daily attempt to invade our children's minds and hearts. 

We hope you have accepted our free gift above, as it alone is very powerful and will inspire these positive effects for your child. Although not as powerfull as the Full Set, this audio gift, with repetition, can empower your child in amazing ways, as you'll understand when you read the Affirmations. (see your free PDF Download).

We sincerely thank you for supporting a young boy’s vision:  To help Children around the World.

The following are warmly introduced and gently reinforced in the program...

  • Self Esteem
  • Self Worth
  • Self Awareness
  • Love
  • Peace
  • Gratitude
  • Hope
  • Kindness
  • Empathy
  • Giving
  • Joy
  • Beauty
  • Happiness
  • Friendship
  • Helpfulness
  • Respect
  • Honor
  • Perseverance
  • Discipline
  • Drive
  • Focus
  • Determination
  • Confidence
  • Cleanliness
  • Organization
  • Harmony
  • Balance
  • Connecting to God Source
  • Stewardship of Earth
  • The Power to Manifest

Introducing: The Secret to the Unlimited Child...

An investment that keeps on going

Proceeds from the The Unlimited Child Program are being beautifully recycled back into the world through the expansion of the Teen and Adult/Silver editions, all being translated into several languages. Revenues generated from these will in turn support helping children with cancer through our future Children’s Healing Village.  Help One child while helping generations. Money well spent!  


Get the COMPLETE Secret to the Unlimited Child Library
PLUS 5 Awesome Bonus Gifts!

The Secret to the Unlimited Child is a 6 audio compilations (affirmations-with-music) children’s empowerment package. The music is soothing and beautiful. The magic of 60 beat-per-minute “brain sync” music serves as the background to nearly 400 life-transforming affirmations.  Included in the program...

  1. 5 Evening Audio Sets
    Each set includes our Morning Peaceful Wake-up track. Allow your child to awaken slowly and happily to the tranquil sound of Birds and Upbeat Music, while being lead verbally through a gentle and fun awakening of the Body and Mind. No more jolting alarm clock!

    Each Evening set has 5 Melodies that will accompany your child as they fall asleep, surrounding them with Positive Reinforcement in the areas of Self Worth, Courage, Perseverance, Discipline, Confidence, Integrity, and Being Unlimited. Nearly 70 Affirmations representing the Keys which inspire a Beautiful, Happy and Fulfilling life are audible in the 1st evening melody, and then repeated again in the 2nd evening melody, but just below the Conscious Audible level. That’s 140 affirmations per evening!

  2. The Hour of Power
    15 “Affirmations Loaded” Upbeat Songs that can be played as general background music. Whether in the car, during play or even homework, this compilation is used to expose your child to the Entire Program’s  nearly 400 Affirmations, all delivered just below the conscious audible level. The 16th song, "Mozart", was added at the end for stimulating calmness.

  3. Parents Guide
    Here are the keys to utilizing this program. Here you'll read all about the power of affirmations, the 60-beat per-minute "brain Sync" music, and the amazing benefits that await your child.

  4. Parents Workbook
    Gives simple and fun ways to design and take action steps towards empowering and developing key areas of your Childs life, complete with work pages and instructions.
  5. The Affirmations Guide
    ALL the nearly 400 affirmations covered throughout the entire program for easy follow along, or just for inspirational reading! A powerful promotion tool for parents in guiding their children along the path of true success and happiness

IN SUMMARY, Your Full Set, a $200.00+ Value, Includes:

  • All 5, (Mon-Fri) Evening Audio Sets
  • The Hour of Power
  • Parents Guide
  • Parents Workbook
  • Affirmations Guide
  • Bonus 1 - Positive Parenting: Tips and Secrets... a must have for any parent.
  • Bonus 2 - 101 Ways To Say "I Love You"  
  • Bonus 3 - Finding Financial Freedom
  • Bonus 4 - Principles of Success
  • Bonus 5 - 101 Romantic Ideas, (Marriage Magic!)

* These 5 Bonuses are a gift to the parent, a very powerful select set of life enhancing E-Books. When applied, the entire family will be blessed in countless ways. Their value alone is priceless!

    Fact: Children at young ages who are repeatedly exposed to positive reinforcement have life long advantages over those who are not. Isn't it nice that You now have access to that advantage?!

    The seeds for planting an extra-ordinary quality of life are available NOW, and your child can access them as early as tonight! You have nothing to lose, and are opening doors to exponential gain!

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    (a $200+ value)
    Now ONLY $39.00!

    We appreciate your efforts in making the world a better place through
    Empowering Humanity One Child at a Time”.

    Warm Wishes,

    Gordy Lee
    CEO, Life Mastery Unlimited, LLC

    Love, Give, be Grateful, and entertain only the thoughts that inspire wonderful feelings!


    T. Julson writes:

    "I believe there are many negative influences in our children’s lives these days. Negative media bombarding us and our children everywhere, including adults due to the economical situations at hand. Not to mention the children of divorce.

    After listening and studying the effects of the CD’s I notice my daughter is more playful and happy.

    Great job and thank you. Be blessed all who listen."


    R. Beck, Mother of Four writes:

    "The Secret to the Unlimited Child is the best investment I've ever spent on my child! To think of all the money I wasted on video games and movies that did nothing to give them the extra edge they need in todays society! I cannot thank you enough for this awesome parenting tool."


    Jag Newman writes:

    "I’ve never seen or heard of a program that can do what this has done, especially in such a short period of time and being so simplistic. At only 3 years old, her focus has increased, she’s more calm, happier, sleeps better, and all this seemingly over night! This is exactly the kind of help that I needed, as I’m sure the majority of other single parents would agree. My daughter will know she is a beautiful person before she knows what inner-beauty really means; and that means the World to me."


    Karina Woodward, Waldorf School
    Trained Educator writes:

    "My collective experiences as a parent, grandparent, and teacher of Early Childhood and Waldorf Educations for over forty years, well qualify my sincerest, whole-hearted support and endorsement for The Secret of the Unlimited Child product.

    The affirmations and music, designed to offer a delightful and divinely inspired source of nourishment to the inner being, will stimulate positive development and manifestation of the thinking, feeling and willing forces of the child. What a joyful way for a child to learn and align with the truth of his own perfection!"


    JPaul Schoenborne, Educator/Principal
    25 years writes:

    "A true educator is looking for any "extra tools" to better the children they serve. The Secret to the Unlimited Child is such a tool, which I perceive as one of the most life-changing programs for children ever devised.

    This program positively enriches a child in every area of their lives, primarily on how they view themselves.

    In today's high-paced competitive world, kids need every edge they can get. For the Parent who wants to give their child that needed advantage, this audio program is absolutely a must have."


    Christian View writes:

    "I have been a dedicated Christian for over 50 years where I’ve been involved in leadership programs for the last 30 years. I find this program to be the most powerful that I have ever come across, for effectively hiding God’s word in the hearts of our young. It achieves the “bottom line” as to what our creator wishes for us in his teachings.

    I could not imagine a greater gift of love from any parent or grandparent."

    Mimi Peak, JD. MCC, CHt., Master Elite &
    Platinum Partner Coach writes:

    "I have lent my copy of your program out a few times and finally gave it to a family with a young brilliant daughter. Everyone who has had the program has been so impressed with it. The parents love the ideas and the children have all loved the program tremendously! What a great product --great idea, great execution of the idea, an overall terrific program. " 

    Mimi Peak, JD. MCC, CHt.
    Master Elite and Platinum Partner Coach
    Robbins Research International, Inc.
    An Anthony Robbins Company

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    (a $200+ Value)
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